Academy Yearly Themes

1995/1996       Be determined and succeed

1996/1997       Lift up your thoughts to rise, conquer and achieve

1997/1998       Nothing is impossible to a willing heart

1998/1999       You live what you learn

1999/2000       Follow Your New Millennium Dream

2000/2001       In this world there is time for everything

2001/2002       We care. Do you.

2002/2003       Global Thinking Local Feeling

2003/2004       Today, Tomorrow, Together

2004/2005       Start Well. Progress Well. End Well.

2005/2006       Anybody can catch HIV. Everybody can prevent it.

2006/2007       We all speak one language ‘discipline’

2007/2008       This world is not about to become ‘easy’

2008/2009       The Environment is our challenge

2009/2010       Real Generosity towards the Future Lies in Giving All to the Present

2010/2011       Its My Life

2011/2012       The Age of the Unthinkable

2012/2013       Our privileges cannot be greater than our obligations

2013/2014       Excellence First and Always

2014/2015       The Consequences

2015/2016       New Day

2016/2017       Let Your Light Shine

2017/2018       The Environment Is Our Challenge


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