About Katatumba Academy

The Katatumba Academy was founded in 1984, by G. W. Katatumba (who is now the Chairman of the school) in 1984 in memory of this father, the late J. B. Katatumba following his tragic death during the Amin regime in Uganda, in September 1979.

The Academy is located in Mbarara Municipality, 270 kilometers southwest of Uganda's Capital City of Kampala, less than 4 hours' drive away on a good tarmac road at an altitude of 1470 metres above sea level, in a rural setting 8km from the centre of town on the main Mbarara - Kabale road with admirable scenery and a beautiful natural environment. Here the climate is mild during the day and cool at night throughout most of the year.

The Academy is an independent private day and boarding institution for boys and girls, which is open to children of parents from all walks of life and of all nationalities without distinction of ethnic origin or religious affiliation. It caters for students between the ages of 5 and 18, from Primary grade 1 to 'O' and 'A'-level, the present average number in each class being 45. Thus the school is small enough for everyone in it to have some significance in the community, and yet big enough to offer a wide range of opportunity in educational athletic and artistic areas to meet the varied interests of growing children.
The Academician Newsletter November 2017

The Mission

To provide quality education for career success.

The Vision

The Katatumba Academy vision is to provide excellent modern facilities based on traditional lines. With its wide range of activities the Katatumba Academy prepares students to achieve their full potential academically and socially so that they are able to face the future as job creators and not job seekers.

The Academy rules and regulations  

A school is a social organisation with aims and objectives to achieve. The school rules are meant to ensure that the school achieves these objectives. Rules are necessary to create self-discipline and good order in the school society.


The Academy Emblem

"HAEC OTIA STUDIA FOVENT" This expression in Latin is the Academy's catch word, motto, rule to be acted on in every aspect of the Academy. read more...

The Academy Flag

The flag consists of two attached sections. The first part is a white background with an insert of a legendary lion with an open out book. The second part consists of a series of bands five of which are green and four maroon. read more...

The Academy Anthem

Thou gallant Joseph Bwitirire Katatumba
How sadly we miss you dear,
We can never never see you again in this world
O'beloved, O'breaved of you,
Your kinsmen 'n countrymen you served so devotedly,
Were shocked at your awful death.