The Academy Emblem

"HEAC OTIA STUDIA FOVENT" This expression in Latin is the Academy's catch word, motto, rule to be acted on in every aspect of the Academy.

These Latin words in a scroll together with a feature of a gateway and the legendary lion with book form the emblem, the Court of Arms of The Katatumba Academy Limited.

The feature of a gateway and the legendary lion (which has already been explained in the Academy Flag elsewhere) depicts exactly what the Latin motto says. Looking at the emblem you do not have to know the Latin meanings of the motto to understand the meaning of the emblem – this being one of the reasons why the expression of the motto is in Latin.

To test your interpretation of the emblem however the Latin expression will be explained. It literally means that "THESE GATES CALL FOR STUDY". The admission of a student into The Katatumba Academy demands dedication to serious study, learning, hard work and discipline. Everything at the Academy is geared to this purpose and need. The surroundings, the atmosphere, the facilities offered, etc. is all geared to promoting and encouraging need for serious study and learning, being one of the aims and objectives of the Academy.

The Academy Flag

The flag consists of two attached sections. The first part is a white background with an insert of a legendary lion with an open out book. The second part consists of a series of bands five of which are green and four maroon.

The five green bands represent the five male offspring of the Late Joseph Bwitirire Katatumba: John(RIP), Frank(RIP), William, Joseph(RIP) and Boney; the four maroon bands represent his four female offspring: Theresa(RIP), Jennifer, Mary(RIP) and Gorette. The white part of the flag with legendary lion and an open book represents the dear, beloved and sacred parents of the nine offspring, the late Joseph Bwitirire Katatumba and his wife Anna Maria Katatumba. From this white part (the parents) sprouts the nine bands (their children) beginning directly with the five green ones (the male offspring) unified together and attached to the white part and the maroon ones (the female offspring) springing out of the green bands as a sign of protection. The legendary lion and book inserted in the white portion is the image which reminds the offspring of the energy, initiative, courage and strength of their parents and their recognition of hard work and learning as a key to the development of an individual, family, group and nation. As if the strength of the lion was not enough so is the wings to give it even more strength, encouragement and speed in accomplishing its goals.

The green and white bands are open at the ends inviting the offspring to sprout out and nurture the "Bloodline."

The Academy Poem

The great Katatumba Academy
On Mbarara – Kabale Road it stands
Quietly in a Country setting
Yet uniquely exciting.
In a climate that is enticing
And the scenic beauty blending in
With air that is envirogating
As the youngsters yearn for excellence
At the Katatumba Academy.

From a humble beginning it was born
1984 being the year of inspiration
George William doing the initiation
In memory of the gallant Katatumba
The flag has gracefully kept flying
In a school one is proud to belong
For excellence is the song
At Katatumba Academy

The academic flame keeps alight
‘Cause the Academy community steers right
Hard work and dedication the key factors
The Chairman being chief actor
Perfectionism the way forward he says
Instilling discipline and confidence
The pillar and guiding star
Steering the Academy to greater heights
With a unique dedicated staff
At Katatumba Academy.

Look yonder dear brother
‘Cause the Academy strives for success
Lively informed people the focus
Personal development the core for all
For the Academy dares all
Building responsibility and sociability
Confidence sinking in
As the community roars on
At Katatumba Academy

Talk about the Academy
You’ll prove the parody
Broadening all aspects of the curriculum
Surfing the net and a jig to the band
Tapping the talent an age so tender
Swimming, riding name it
Under the expert eyes
The staff possesses
At Katatumba Academy

The model school for all
A home away from home
A unique self-sustaining unit
Excellent facilities seeming to fit
Tradition and modern ways
Rural yet urban
Acquiring all round education
Emphasising a broader sense of direction
And patriotism groomed
At Katatumba Academy