The Academy rules and regulations  

A school is a social organisation with aims and objectives to achieve. The school rules are meant to ensure that the school achieves these objectives. Rules are necessary to create self-discipline and good order in the school society.
School rules encourage students/pupils to grow into reliable responsibility and respectable citizens. It is to the advantage of every student/pupil to get acquainted with them and adhere to them strictly.
All students/pupils must abide by these rules and regulations and any that may be added by management from time to time.

1.         DISCIPLINE
(i)         All students/pupils must observe strict discipline.
(ii)        Students/pupils must respect and obey the school authorities, which include the Headmaster/Headmistress, Deputies, the teaching staff, non-teaching staff, group employees, prefects and other authorised persons.
(iii)       Assembly is compulsory to all students/pupils from Monday to Friday.
(iv)       Smoking, taking and/or possession of any alcoholic drinks, nicotine drugs etc are strictly prohibited.
(v)        Immorality and Indecency of any form is strictly prohibited, this includes teasing, violence and disobedience of any nature. Fighting is not allowed in the Academy. A student who fights another will be advised to transfer. All grievances should be reported to the persons in authority. Theft cases are punishable by expulsion from school.
(vi)       Boy-girl relationship is prohibited and leads to dismissal.
(vii)      OUT OF BOUNDS
a) All students/pupils are expected to participate in every normal school activity unless exempted on medical grounds.  Serious disciplinary action will be taken against a student for dodging an activity or for being found in places where he/she is not expected to be.
b) No student may go out of the school grounds without permission.  There are certain areas within the school grounds which are out of bounds to the various categories of students   at all times.  Student/pupils must not be in wrong place or go out of school grounds without authority.
c) Any student/pupil intending to go out of the school ground at any time must get a written permission from either Headmistress/master, deputy, or the teacher on duty and have to report on return by handing in the permission chit issued earlier on.
d) All students/pupils are expected to attend roll call at any time.
(viii)     No student/pupil is allowed to communicate over the fence.
(ix)       School routine and timetable must be adhered to by all students/pupils without fail.
(x)        Students/pupils should be polite, law abiding and must respect the public.
(xi)       Staff quarters/staff room is out of bounds to all students/pupils.
(xii)      All students/pupils should carry their identity cards at all times.
(xiii)     Radios, cassettes, walkmans mobile phones are not allowed on the school campus.
(xiv)     Any new student/pupil failing to report for studies within one week is liable to forfeit his/her place. Old students in the same state must return with their parents.
(xv)      All students/pupils must attend to school community work unless otherwise exempted.
(xvi)     Punctuality for classes, games, meals and other co-curricular activities must be observed.
(xvii)    No student is allowed to be in possession of dangerous material such as knives or inflammable matter etc.

2.          CLASS
All students/pupils should attend all classes/lessons, tests and exams unless they have permission of the Director of Studies.
No one is allowed to stay in dormitory during class time without the permission of  the Nurse and Principal.
Cleanliness of all classes must be observed.
Albums and photographs are not allowed in classes.

3.          NIGHT PREPS
All students/pupils are expected to attend night study and morning study if these are programmed. Nobody is allowed to stay in the dormitory during this time. Maximum silence and responsibility is expected during preps.

4.         UNIFORM
Student/pupils must be dressed in their respective school uniform on week days and at all school functions both within and outside the school premises. Smartness must be strictly observed. Weekend wear must be strictly observed.
Hair must be tidy and any funny haircuts, treatment in saloon and pleating are not allowed. Nail varnish and makeup must not be worn.

Tests and examinations are compulsory. Cheating will not be tolerated.
All students must show satisfactory progress in their class and examinations performance. Failure to cope with the Academy’s academic standard you may be advised to try elsewhere.

6.         MEALS
Meals served at the dining are compulsory to all students. No food to be taken to the dormitory.
(a)        There is no special diet to any student.
(b)        Food from outside is not allowed.
(c)        No student is allowed to prepare any food in the dormitory.

7.          DORMITORIES
Every student/pupil is expected to sleep in his/her dormitory.
Cleanliness of dormitories must be strictly observed. Lights-out time must be adhered to and quietness thereafter is expected of everybody.  Unnecessary noise in the dormitory after prep time is prohibited. No one should share a bed. Private lamps and candles are prohibited. Boy’s dormitories are out of bounds to girls and vice versa. Day scholars are not allowed to enter Dormitories. No student should visit another Dormitory. Everyone is expected to come with a lockable suitcase for safe custody of their property and a padlock for a locker.

8.          MEDICAL
All students/pupils must attend medical check-ups without fail.
Anyone suffering from an infectious disease should report/be reported to the school authorities.
No one is allowed to stay in the Dormitory on account of sickness. All students/pupils who are sick shall be cleared by the Nurse/ Matron or dormitory duty teacher and transferred to the Sanatorium.

9.          VISITORS
No students/pupils shall receive visitors without the permission of the Headmistress/master except on visiting Day being the last Sunday of the month. The School will issue a “Visitation Authority Card” to every parent/guardian which must be given to any other person that they wish to visit his/her child on Visiting Day and such card must be produced to the school authority on arrival.

10.       PRAYERS
Every student/pupil in their respective faith must attend religious services.

Co-curricular activities are compulsory for all students/pupils.

12.       GENERAL
a)         Every student/pupil is expected to carry out his/her duty when it is her time on the rota.
b)         The official language at the Academy is English or French. No vernaculars should be used.
c)         If at any stage a student/pupil is found to have given wrong information on the application forms, such student/pupil will be discontinued.
d)         These rules cover all students in Junior, “O” and “A” levels. Contravention, breach or failure to observe the rules would be a sign of lack of interest and royalty to the Academy and thus an act of self dismissal.

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Junior School:
1. English 2. Mathematics 3. Science 4. Social Studies 5. Kiswahili 6. Reading & Writing 7. Computer 8. French

1. English 2. Mathematics 3. Chemistry 4. Physics 5. Biology 6. Agriculture 7. History 8. Geography 9. CRE 10. Fine Art 11. Enterpreneureship
12. Computer studies

1. English 2. Literature 3. Mathematics 4. Chemistry 5. Physics 6. Biology 7. Agriculture 8. History 9. Geography 10. Divinity 10. Fine Art 11. Enterpreneureship 12. Computer studies


The Academy prepares students for PLE, "O" and "A" Levels examinations set by UNEB, and it is a recognised centre under this scheme. It is also a registered Centre for Cambridge University Examinations Syndicate.

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